Hunting Trophy: A Hunter’s Most Prized Possession

Hunting trophy is deemed as the most prized possession among hunters. Many trophy hunters may be ashamed of this term. However, this talks about the reality.

Where does trophy hunting originate? This originates from the Europe hunters who are using trophy skulls as their drinking cups. This practice was continued by the European warriors. In fact, skull caps were discovered in the Late Stone Age. At the European caves, skull caps were seen that serves as a part of their tradition. These trophies were believed to originate from hunting.

Trophies are an essential part of any animal that best communicates the achievement of a hunter. These served as their excellence and pride in hunting the fastest animals in the wilds. With tail feather that serves as a trophy, a hunter is believed to have killed a cock pheasant or mallard drake.Hunting Trophy

Antlers displayed on the wall only show that deer were killed. The typical trophies have their distinct rarity, ferocity, elusiveness and size. With species that are hard to kill, they perfectly symbolize great power. And power is valuable in killing them. Bigger horns or antlers symbolize the best abilities of hunter. Albino deers have their trophy values than the same size of a normal deer. As they are quite common and more difficult to find, an excellent hunting skill is often required.

Other animals are also hard to hunt like goats and sheep. They are found to be rare and large. They still perfectly demonstrate a fitness, perseverance, determination and prowess of a hunter. The highest trophies came from other wild animals like big cats, rhinos, grizzly bear and Cape buffalo.

There are many evidences seen from the caves in Europe. The hunters in Neanderthal collected leg bones and skulls from bears. They served as trophies stored in the stone chests.

The lives of people are often measured by their trophies owned and collected. From the heads to other parts of animals, they simply have their meanings. Graduation rings, expensive cars also symbolize the wealth of their owners. They are advertised as part of the achievement of the highest people in the social strata. Trophyism is about loving trophies. And trophies are fundamental to the human nature. Obtaining trophies is like gaining dominion to the planet Earth.

Trophy hunting is not a recent invention as it fed the male egos of the Euro-American males. In the present hunting societies, their hunting success is crucial to their survival. Their ability to killing large animals influences their survival. It is not a surprise that women like men and evaluate them more according to their trophies.

Men who have killed trophy animals gain an excellent position. Their hunting prowess is best known. Even candidacy and manhood to some countries are earned by effectively demonstrating their hunting abilities.

Hunting Trophy Rooms

Trophy rooms allow many hunters to cherish and relive most of their adventures. To other hunters, it may purely about the hunting experience. To some, it means sharing their hunt, either it be trophies, stories and foods.

These rooms are designated to best display the animals that are killed during their hunting activities. By taking the money and time to save your kill, you want it to be displayed correctly. These rooms help you in displaying your killed animals. The cost will depend on transforming an old building or room. It may cost you from thousand dollars that depends on the things that you want to accomplish.

Other hunters have their rooms where they display their collection of one-hundred specimens. Along these specimens are hunting gears that form part of the trap collection. From the trophies to stateside hunts, they may have their whitetail deer, moose, bears, mountain lions, alligators, elk, wild boars, turkey and coyote.

These rooms can be completed with antlers, ducks, geese and other animals. As long as they are carefully planned, animals can be displayed and mounted. Marking the designated areas, measuring the dimensions is also necessary. Photograph them all for the best display of animals.

By thinking ahead and realizing these animals, they are likely to be added on the room. Trophy rooms should not be designated for the future animals. They should be built along the already killed animals. This way, it can be easy for owners to display and design the rooms.

Although trophy rooms may have their expensive cost, they are still worth it. They stand for esteem and great pride. And with more trees or real trees, these best highlight the lighting of the room. Indirect or spot lighting makes the trophies a stand out inside the room.

Hunting Plaques And Hunting Trophies For Sale

For a passionate hunter like you, you’ll be impressed of the unique collection of hunting plaques and hunting trophies for sale. From leopard, to zebra and Bull Moose, you will become an enthusiast in looking for these hunting plaques. As mentioned, these plaques are a part of male egoism. They are a perfect symbol of manhood.

Apart from it, it cannot be denied that these trophies signify the passage from the childhood days to manhood days. By collecting these trophies, they give a sense of confidence and self-worth for you. They may deeply represent a deeper and more spiritual connection along other animals. There is a deeper sense of unity in life and they create a deeper meaning to the rite of passage. Without these trophies, there may be no kind-spirited men!